We keep negotiations within the rules

Specially trained Kingston Collaborative Family Lawyers are family separation experts. Think of us a skilled deconstructionists and pathfinders.

CFL Lawyers have different ground rules from traditional litigation lawyers. Clients who want a fair and equitable solution are glad to have Collaborative Family Law as an option. Each spouse selects their own lawyer from the roster of over 20 specially trained Kingston Collaborative Family Lawyers. The CFL lawyer’s role is to ensure they are properly informed, advised and protected throughout the process.

How can collaborative lawyers help you?

Collaborative Practice breaks from tradition.

Our lawyers are not adversaries who use the court system to “beat” the other side. CFL Lawyers are there to instill trust by ensuring there is full and complete financial disclosure and a respectful airing of opinions. They are there to seek a settlement that will serve the clients and their families in the short term and the long term.

In fact, if the clients reach an impasse in negotiations and choose to seek a solution through the courts, their CFL Lawyer are both required to withdraw. This is part of the agreement signed by everybody from the outset. Having invested money and, more importantly, trust in their counsel, it is not often that the parties will want to throw up their personal investment in the process to go off to court.

Here’s how your Collaborative Lawyer can help you:
• collect information on the family’s needs and financial situation.
• brief the client on the legal options available within the system.
• suggest solutions to the family law, real estate, estate, and tax issues.
• negotiate always with a view to an equitable settlement.

CFL lawyers have unique training and special tools

We are advocates and information resources, not adversaries. We focus on conversation instead of argument.

Collaborative Family Law promotes a cooperative process between the clients and any other professionals called in to consider all available options.

Compromise and cooperation are fundamental to an outcome that will be the best interests of both parties and their families.

CFL Lawyers understand how human nature can affect the negotiation process.  CFL Lawyers have taken the time to train in using the tools that can help both parties achieve consensus.

These are what makes us CFL Lawyers expert family separation facilitators.

What about Power Imbalances?

CFL Lawyers work for their respective clients. These clients may also choose to engage other counselors or advisers as part of their joint negotiating team. The CFL lawyers act as communications and negotiation coaches to assist their clients with all the issues of family separation. They advise the clients of their legal rights, entitlements, and obligations all with a view to arriving at an equitable and workable outcome.

CFL Lawyers are trained to monitor for emotional tactics, threats, or abusive communication so they can be quickly identified, discussed, and eliminated. Since the lawyers are not preparing for litigation, there is no incentive for power plays or posturing. CFL Lawyers are an integral part of the team that is working toward an equitable legal agreement.

We navigate and you drive

In the journey to working out a final agreement, you get to drive the process towards your objectives.  Your CFL Layer acts as your navigator pointing out the shoals and hazards and suggesting the safe passages and workarounds. We know how people can end up in wasteful detours and seeming blind alleys on their separation journey many times.  It is our job to highlight the options and unthought of solutions.

As legal experts, our role is to work with our clients to manage expectations and keep the goals realistic. We do not tell clients what they should want, but we can advise whether those needs are reasonable and / or lawful.

Is the process simple?

Separation is a complex and emotional experience. Everybody needs assistance in navigating this financial and emotional maze. There is always much to resolve and almost always a great deal of baggage hindering resolution.  Clients who jointly choose the Collaborative Process already recognize that it will take time, cooperation, and an honest but always respectful exchange of information and opinions.

Your CFL Lawyer assists to generate options that are legal and equitable. Good and long lasting agreements emerge from negotiations that are well informed and respectful.

The Collaborative Process has existed for decades specifically to help couples who are ready to take responsibility for and ownership of their future. It is hard. Your CFL Lawyer will not try to place blame or dwell on the basic reasons for the conflict.  Simply put, they are collaborative experts who are there to help you move on.

Why would a lawyer rather collaborate than litigate?

Collaborative Law is more a positive, constructive, and healthy process for both the client and the lawyer.

To be frank, the traditional litigation approach is typically harmful and destructive to both sides.  The attack and subdue to win tactics undermine any prospect building up the trust needed to properly resolve the separation issues.

Many couples don’t need or want to fight over everything.  They choose not to waste their savings creating hard feelings in counterproductive legal maneuvering. CFL Lawyers prefer to use their skills to improve their clients’ lives.