Kingston Collaborative Family Law is a way for you to resolve disputes respectfully without going to court.

In a separation or divorce, Kingston Collaborative Family Law requires your commitment to:

• mutual respect;
• open communication;
• information sharing;
• a mutually acceptable settlement.

You and your spouse or partner work with your own lawyers and other trained professionals.

They provide support and guidance as you work together on a solution that everyone can live with.

No single approach is right for everyone. Many couples who want a process that gives them control over the outcome, choose Collaborative Law.

Collaborative Family Law works for couples who agree to:

• behave ethically;
• listen objectively;
• disagree respectfully;
• make kids a priority;
• plan with the future in mind;
• work creatively and cooperatively;
• keep their process out of the courts.

How we help

We ensure that as you progress through your negotiations, neither if you is induced into making poor decisions due to lack of information or advice. While your may be directing the process, the lawyers are both pointing out the buoy marks and the hazards so that you remain within the channel of what is reasonable, fair and legal. The lawyers are also there to ensure that both of you are making decisions based on solid facts and understandings, and not because of pressure or uncertainty.